Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is Stephanie Klein "MISLEADING" the Public?

Well, take a look at a Bronx cheer for Stephanie Klein all the way from Queens no less, the borough of her birth. Looks like Irene of Irene's Menagerie does not see SK as any Stephie from the Block. Irene states rather emphatically "Stephanie Klein is NOT a REAL NYC woman." to see the full post click here. I see a cat fight brewing. Give me a big MEOW!!

Oh and by the way, from what I see, Irene appears to be a woman, heterosexual and has her hands rather full, so I doubt SK's alter ego can label her a "stalker." There are some fascinating women to read who are dealing with some serious issues in life. And still others that are more earnest, original and intelligent representations of femininity. Obviously check out Irene's blog but also take a look at Girlspoke, a smart chic blog by girls with a very real sense of humor. Girlspoke actually gets a ton of male and female readers, including me.