Sunday, February 02, 2003

After an otherwise stressful and exhausting week, and after a grueling back and abs workout at Equinox and a Schvitz at The Russian Spa on Wall Street, I had the opportunity to partake of the nearly “2 hour open bar from 8-10” last night at Scott’s Winter Bash at Coda. They actually shut down the open bar at 9:30 and converted to cash bar early once they ran out of the cheap stuff. Scott and friends, including my friend Chris” Networking Girl” Marashio who really put 8 Minute Dating on the map in NYC, should however, be commended for a superb turnout. While we actually had to start shelling out for the Grey Goose, about a half hour earlier than planned, nobody seemed to care about the inconvenience since the bartenders were gracious, extremely adept and efficient at serving drinks, eliminating any wait time.

With the number of familiar faces and mutual friends in attendance it actually seemed like it was my party. I enjoyed cocktails and spirited conversation with some of my friends which included the Founder of the MTG Foundation, made a new friend “Valerie,” founder of New York Planet, and the infamous founder of Club Marty, the mensch of Manhattan/Hoboken & the Hampton’s share house which has historically had attracted the best and most diverse crowd, thrown the best parties and single handedly been responsible for more hookups, ongoing friendships and in some case even marriages.

If you were male, there was simply very little to complain about. The presence of ABC Family Channel, casting for an upcoming reality relationship show Perfect Match seemed to bring every “L’L Hottie” out of their Manhattan apartments on the early side of a Saturday night in NYC. Whatever your “type” is, in all likelihood she was in attendance. The quality and quantity of beauty in attendance made it quite difficult to focus. It was truly a commitment phobes paradise! For a few hours some of us were able to have a lot of fun and forget that we are living in challenging times. Although, I may sound like I have velvet claws, it did occur to me with the over abundance of “blondes” in attendance that either there was an ABBA revival, Swedish convention was in town or perhaps despite the downturn Madison Avenue and 57th street salons have been doing a thriving business. It also occurred to me that in all likelihood with how primped the women were in attendance, that I would guess that a good 50% at least were clients of the infamous Jay Sisters on 57th street. As much as I may critique the “high maintenance” women, these Alpha females are some of God’s most beautiful creatures and certainly inspiration for continuing my workouts at Equinox and Balance. Perhaps they can make up for my late night indulgences at Jackson Hole.

Anyway, what's what a renaissance man (by his own definition) to do on Sunday without football, Soprano’s, other than listen to some Andrea Bocelli, tuning into MSNBC, reading the Times over some home made Chicken Pizziaola and Linguine. So this was not one of my better entries, I cannot be brilliant or controversial every day.

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