Sunday, February 23, 2003

Repost From February 12th, since it did not stick
Despite being on the brink of World War in the midst of a stagnant, modern era depression like economy, my friendship with Mr. Grey Goose intact, my email box continues to get flooded with more and more Valentines invites to various “veal” or ”cheese fests” around the city. While the metaphors may seem appropriate, I am not much a fan of Veal, I much prefer a Rare Juicy Steak at the Palm (preferably Palm Two or in East Hampton), and despite what ATKINS says, I am not big on cheese either. With all that is going in the world today, I am feeling more spiritually inclined, and sense that others are seeking a more real sense of connectedness. All other things being the same, I just want to go where someone knows my name and is always glad I came…….so that I can flirt with someone who does not yet know my name!! (Cheers vs. About Last Night). As Joey would say, “how you doing!”
While I would love to do nothing more this week than Party 4 Charity or even get my juices flowing with Mama Gena & the magnificent courtesans, I think I will just yank my friend Tara out of her cubicle and join my friend Alisha on Thursday Night at Chetty Red for the Two of Hearts Party. Mention London Network at the door. We are bringing together various elements of our social and professional circles in a relaxed environment to see if we can warm and perhaps even join some hearts. You may not see Cass or “see the flash” for that matter…but you may in fact end up on someone’s web site. David Shapiro and his weekly cocktail culture will be added to the mix. Assuming I recover on Friday in due course, I intend on trying to Get off…..line to see Gemini & Scorpio at Remote Lounge. After an evening with these goddesses if I have any energy left perhaps I can Incubate a bit and Come get FLOinc on Saturday with Beth at LEA. Assuming that I get reenergized by the company of goddesses of varying degrees and perspective over the course of several days, I intend to take myself even less seriously and join the Jesters Guild at PJ’s @ Sugar on Sunday night. "Sugar, ahh honey honey, you are my candy girl and you got me wanting you" I suggest that you do the same….if you want to be where someone knows your name and where someone else…may like to know your name. Cheers. If you so desire not to join us there are more Club oriented scenes available this week that you can find on Flavor Pill Show Club Planet RSVP NYC NYC Social Joonbug. If you are looking to spend some time with "Women Who Rock" check out BLONDESTREAK

P.S. Desperately seeking cute blonde seated towards back of the room near the back bar of the main room who I briefly caught eyes with last week at Chris Lukas “Aquarian Birthday Bash” @ The Havana Room @666 5th Ave.

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