Friday, March 21, 2003

The Real “Fear of War”—America Prevails, Proving the Wisdom of The Bush Adminstration.

The Bush Doctrine

Why would our government, our leaders and in particular our President choose to go to war with Iraq despite a tremendous degree of criticism and resistance from so many quarters; the United Nations, European leaders and Anti-Americanists? Is our leadership so misguided and rogue to take chances despite tremendous worldwide opposition? Is President Bush and our National Defense team really that stupid or naïve to enter into a war which offers so much downside from a global public relations perspective, if they are wrong?

Quite to the contrary; despite significant opposition America shall once again proved to be on the right side of history. But if history is any lesson our efforts will be discounted and forgotten by those who want to see an end to American idealism. Mark my words. In the coming weeks and months ahead the world will witness how the United States “War” effort shall remove Saddam Hussein’s regime while leaving much of Iraq’s infrastructure in tact. The “War” will become a humanitarian effort to liberate the people of Iraq from the “Butcher of Baghdad.” Much to the chagrin of critics of the administration, in place of the current Iraq regime another democracy will rise in the Middle East; not an Islamic state. This will truly shift the balance of power in the Arab world. Then the Bush administration will effectuate a peaceful creation of a Palestinian state side by side with Israel, however misguided I may believe that may be. But then Arabs, Muslims, Socialists, Communists and their sympathizers will have to find some other means to discredit President Bush for being the “dumb” President so completely lacking in intellect and judgment. Will he get the credit that he deserves for what shall prove to be a successful war on terror and a total dismantling of the global terrorist network and the nations who support them? In all likelihood he will not be credited if this country does not recover from the recession that we are mired in, he will be attacked again from the left, and another opportunistic democrat will criticize his administration for ignoring the economy while focusing on a nonexistent threat. Mind you, it is a lot easier categorize or label a threat non-existent once it is eliminated through vigilant pursuit of American idealism.

What do American critics fear most from this war? Political opponents within the United States and Anti-Americanists fear that perhaps the President and the administration will prove to have taken a wise course, doing the right thing by replacing the existing regime in Iraq while keeping most of Iraq intact. The true danger of this war from the perspective of critics is that President Bush is right, successful and that his actions will have had the effect of removing a very real threat to the American way of life. It is perhaps unrealistic to expect instead that he will get the credit for the wisdom his administration exercised with the world they inherited, a world in the midst of a global recession and a pervasive threat of terrorism and rogue nations threatening the world with their weapons of mass destruction.

Why such a conspiracy? Simply put, the United States is the lone remaining economic and military superpower. The United States finds itself in a world with some “strange bedfellows” aligned against the further spread of American influence or “Americanism.” After the fall of the Soviet super power, Europeans, Socialists, Communists and Anti-Americanists realize an opportunity to bring upon the decline of the remaining superpower and otherwise deter American influence. Europeans especially see the potential fall of the American superpower as providing a backdrop for the reemergence of pre WW I and WW II Europe. This is our reward for defending and rebuilding Europe after the Third Reich? Europe was wrong before and it is wrong again.

Islamofascists empowered by the growth of their worldwide crusade and the success of 9/11 have pragmatically formed an alliance with those other forces which it shares no common interests or values other than its hatred and distaste for America and things American. The goal is simply…anarchy. France, Germany, Russia, Socialists, Communists, Islamofascists and others united against the spread of American influence have found leftist sympathizers among the well healed guilt ridden hypocritical Hollywood Fashionista set, who forever seek a return to “Woodstock.” Even worse the Democratic party has placed the political interests of their party ahead of that of the nation to opposed the President. Do I hate them or other Anti-war Americans? No, they are just understandably misguided. Peace is an honorable value. Many who love peace and enjoy the simple fruits of freedom may find it difficult to embrace war or the threat thereof as a means for preserving the greater peace and our way of life when diplomacy does not achieve the desired end. But they must be enlightened to comprehend the movement and the folks with whom they have aligned themselves. Everyone wants “Peace”…but on what terms? Terrorism and rogue regimes will not be deterred in the absence of a valid threat. The premise that we should not consider force but rather continue to use “circle jerk” diplomacy because force increases the risk of terror is so ever misguided in its cause and effect rationalization for passivity. It is akin or analogous to the assertion that we should not put pressure on a serial killer because he may get angry and kill more people.

These strange bedfellows share but one thing in common and that is their distaste for America or in the case of elite leftists in hollywood, guilt for the American way and the riches they enjoy. So much like the “Pickup Artist” who tells the buxom blonde in a bar that she is very special to him, then “hooks up” and has his way with her but never calls again, it will be interesting to see what shall happen when Islam if successful turns on those with which it is currently and pragmatically aligned but for which it shares no commonality of values other than its hatred of America. I advise those who sleep with the enemy to be careful. Their is always the risk of infection with a sexually transmitted disease. The lingering effect of getting into bed with Islamofascists and leftists is that you may never shake or find the proper treatment to get rid of what they shall inflict on the world. Assist the unrighteous self righteous and you unwittingly are contributing to the growth of the movement united against western principals.

ISLAM is the fastest growing movement worldwide. Islam and Muslims are not content to be a religion and culture of people in peaceful coexistence with Jews, Christians and other “non-believers.” Secular governments and society are also opponents of Islam. It would be foolish to discount the threat of Islam. The goal of Islamofascists is to apply pressure from within and outside the country through pragmatic alliances with the oppositon to bring about the end of the American Empire. Should the U.S. fall, Israel become over run, ISLAM sees Europe as its next target. While this may seem too surreal, contemplate the following: a plan to hit the center of capitalism with symbolic terrorist acts, bring on worldwide recession and economic despair, conveniently align yourselves with other socialist, communist and political and competitive enemies of Americanism to play upon the fears of the unemployed and downtrodden in Western nations, in particular students who have way too much time on their hands....all mind you at very expensive Western universities, to bring upon a new Islamic order. In fact, it is clear that perhaps conflicting sociopolitical interests with the United States, French and German leaders are politically incapable of supporting the war because France and Germany each have substantial Muslim populations which necessitate even now their capitulation to the Islamic world. While some may have distaste for the current Established Order, consider the “Order” that ISLAMOFASCISTS seek to establish in its place. Are you willing to part with western values, diversity and the religious and sexual freedoms you currently enjoy? Which nation has historically proven to be the best protector of those freedoms; a dysfunctional Europe that capitulated to the Nazis? As much as they were hesitant to address the threat of Nazism, once again Europe and Russia have also seemed to have misperceived and miscalculated the threat of Islam.

My prediction is optimistic, however. I expect that our current administration will succeed in the war on terror as well as in the liberation of the people of Iraq and the transition of Iraq to democratic rule. After America and Britain have done the heavy lifting when the success of America in this war becomes readily apparent, you will find our current opponents in Europe and Russia rush to interject themselves into the equation, most likely as we enter Baghdad, so that they can simultaneously oppose the war but claim ownership of the solution. Again they will have done little but claim a lot. Make no mistake, our goal in the war on terror and the war in Iraq must be total success, achievement of American objectives and clear defeat to these movements as a disincentive to their subsequent rise. Then the United States of America must engage in a public relations campaign to change hearts and minds worldwide. Perhaps it will be enough for the world to witness America at its best but I doubt it.