Sunday, May 18, 2003

Am I in Love with a Blogster?

Book of the month: Mama Gena's Owners & Operators Guide To Men
I was engaged in my usual Sunday morning procrastination routine. Drinking my coffee, logged on to my Blog and stumbled upon the Blog written by A Girl Named Alex. I started reading and became enamored with her story and the the style of her prose...and then I actually checked out her pics and saw that was adorable, sexy and creative as well. What's a guy to do? So many women in NYC...and so little time....but now a Seattle based Danish Girl at Play has struck my fancy and she is very well taken, much as one would suspect. But if you want to check out a cool site from a spiritually entrepreneurial creative writer, go to Alex the girl's web site. Her site creates and interesting portrayal and roadmap how one woman left the corporate world in her search to find passion in her livelihood. She has some insightful andecdotes.

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