Thursday, November 13, 2003


Sean Murphy of Murph, known for connecting the fun to the fun people, invited to me serve as a Guest Bartender at the infamous "Mc Faddens Saloon".

Initially, I had some difficulty persuading some of my female friends to join me. Too many of my female “friends” spend every Thursday Night in Manhattan in pursuit of that illusive perfect scene jumping from one exclusive lounge spot to another, where they usually run into every other chic dressed in black, spend $12-14 on Cosmo's and kvetch and complain that there are no decent men around, but rather just a couple of metrosexuals who are better groomed and perhaps even prettier.

This is my advice......Give up the "Sex and The City" Fantasy for one night. First of all you are not Sarah Jessica Parker and second of all even if you are......Real Men are NOT looking for her. Leave the Manolo's at home girlfriend. The reality is that their search for the bigger better deal and MEN is sort of similar to the endless struggle and mind numbing stupidity of the guys doing the same thing in the movie Swingers.

Think instead, Midtown, reasonable drink prices, heavily poured, models.......hmm, I think that you just may find them at McFaddens from suits to Firefighters And that is why maybe you should pass on the W, The Monkey Bar, Mercer Kitchen etc and the like. Hey when you actually meet a guy…maybe you can go back to that cool lounge on a date. But then again perhaps even then you may think otherwise because your date will likely be exposed to a thousand other well dressed women who are mistakenly there in a vein effort to find a guy like the one you are on a date with.

As some of you know, I recently, guest bartended at Marcel's Fall Cocktail Party where the crowd and servings were upscale but the price of entry for an open bar with select delicacies was reasonable. Is this something new? NO! It seems rather that the upscale nightlifers are doing something which originated with "The Pub." generous servings, comfort and relaxation at value oriented prices which do not break the bank. These are things which are not often found at Manhattan Lounges these days which is perhaps why Marcel has had a successful run of private parties the last year or two. He is smartly and simply offering something which you cannot often find at upscale Manhattan Lounge.

Bar Talk (question open for discussion at the bar):

Anyway, on another issue why does it seem to me that gay men are dressing more masculine these days than straight men? And Straight men are too often attired as Ricky Martin clones. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just a question. See Post Straight: How Gay Men are remodeling regular guys (written before Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) Maybe I should write a piece called "Straight Pretty vs. Gay Masculinity?" It's no wonder that straight women are hanging with gay men. Have straight men turned into the real queens? Something for women to ponder next time you find yourself waiting for your man to finish drying & mousing his hair or getting waxed. In my estimation, Queer Eye is merely an infomercial for a clothes horse and otherwise completely missed the point, as it seems there are far more metrosexuals who discovered how to dress and style themselves like gay men long before the origination of this show. So despite these wonderfully flamboyant characters, the new straight guys usually already consult there other metrosexual friends. Only gay men have moved on and now look like Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie Poster boys while many straight guys on the urban professional scene are caught in a time warp living and looking like la vida loca.

Thursday, Nov. 13, 2003, 6 pm-9 pm, Murph Guide Guest Bartending Night with Anheuser Busch Select Models at McFaddens on 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue: Rather than going to some obscure and exclusive lounge on Thursday Night, ditch the black dress and the manolo's and instead, join me and some friends at a NYC landmark, "Mc Faddens Saloon" and just kick back and enjoy a few cocktails amongst friends at reasonable prices served by me, "Master of the Heavy Pour." Let it be known that the Consigliere will never serve watered down drinks. I will serve for a couple hours and then hang out with my friends afterwards. Is this the new pub chic? Perhaps a trend is forming.

-Models from Aneheuser Busch
-T Shirt give aways
-Drink Specials including $3 Pints of Guinness, Bass, Bud & Bud Light Bottles
-2 for 1 appetizers

Not Included
-Special Appearances by Straight Guy with the Queer Drink
-Men who drink Cosmo's and the women who love them (not really but I hear it happens)
-Apple Martini's: Is it really a man's drink?
-Girls who do shots and guys who love them
-Guys who can perform longer at the bar than the bedroom
-Celebrity Wrestling Match: Wall Street Trader vs. a Firefighter (watch these two chics go at it)

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