Tuesday, January 13, 2009

J Lo's Big Ass Move on Obama: Enter The Opportunists

Obama's grand Inaugural Celebration is attracting 'SURPRISE" celebrity opportunists from every corridor, including those who did not support his candidacy and did not work to help him get elected. J Lo will speak at the Inaugural Latino Ball and husband Mark Anthony will sing despite their repeated snubs of Obama during the electoral cycle. Of course the prima donna and her scrawny husband want to be front and center in the media spectacle of the century, Obama's Inauguration. "I need to Know" what Mark Anthony had to do with Obama's election. According to Page Six: One power player called them "vile opportunists for worming themselves into anything Obama related even though they had nothing to do with his win." But what they do not get is: this ain't about them. It is about all the people who gave donations of $5 and $10 bucks at a time, like my self and millions of others around the country. They did not even support his candidacy yet J Lo and Mark Anthony, for purposes of publicity and exposure seek to place themselves front and center at the party of the century. Personally, I have more of a right to be there than these two. If Obama needs someone with a Big Ass at the Inauguration, he would be better off having his people connect with Milani Rose or the publishers of KING MAGAZINE, where you will be more likely to find Obama supporters and those who actually worked to make a contribution to his campaign. The Hip Hop community helped Obama significantly in raising funds and getting out the vote in many battle ground states. Many in the Latino community did as well, but not J Lo or Mark Anthony, even when they were called upon. And here is the deal, I actually like J Lo, her big ass, big voice especially in her portrayal of Selena and big style. But there is a time and place to "know your place" in the pecking order--with all due respect.

Americans need to wake up from the haze of our culture of distraction. As a people we have become so consumed, pre-occupied and distracted with celebrity culture, reading, watching and speaking about what celebrities do and say on a daily basis to the detriment of focusing on our own lives. J Lo and Mark Anthony's desire to be at the party of the century has more to do with receiving publicity and exposure from one of the biggest events of modern times. The "little people" in America need to remain engaged, read more books, alternative sources of media to the mainstream press, turn off the television from time to time and spend a little less of their time, energy and money on consuming the culture of celebrity. Perhaps then we will be able to tone down the relative significance of the culture of celebrity and celebrate the work of writers, painters, poets and artists who can truly help lead us towards a cultural reawakening to reshape our society rather than continuing to support those who currently prey off and enrich themselves off our ignorance. We need a little less bling and a little more of the real thing. Or as stated by Ayn Rand: “Every aspect of Western culture needs a new code of ethics - a rational ethics - as a precondition of rebirth.”


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