Monday, February 09, 2009

Is Stimulus too Small?

The American Economy is on the brink. Americans are losing their jobs, their savings and their homes and the GOP with scrooge like machiavellian streak is engaged in a goal line stand attempting to insure that this President does not suceed in bailing out the economy. Make no mistake, they are not "fighting the good fight" but are trying to insure that the stimulus fails so that they can say they were against it from the get go. The plan is to battle the President Obama to the end, whittle Obama's Stimulus down to something inconsequential and thereby reducing the likelihood of its dramatic success. Then they can run against Democrats in 2010 and 2012 while continuing to put forth false arguments that returning money to the most privileged classes is the only way that the economy can be restarted when the reality is that it is Republican wealth concentration agenda over the last 30 years that has resulted in record economic disparity in America and pushed the American economy over the cliff. The people chose Obama's agenda, not John McCain's in this last election. While many Americans will end up homeless and bankrupt, John McCain can wax philosophic about his patriotism from one of his eight homes while his countrymen are in the streets. It is time to start priming the pump and investing in American infrastructure and society. Bottom line, the wealthy classes will not be safe in America if Americans cannot buy a sandwich, have a roof over their heads and heat in winter. Excess wealth concentration is placing American Society on the brink of revolution. What good is rebuilding Afghanistan if our society is crumbling all around us? I do not hate rich people or begrudge entrepreneurs for their success or even those that have inherited wealth. To the contrary. This is not about that. This is about preserving the integrity of our democracy. The GOP is the defender of what Paul Krugman has called The Madoff Economy and folks like McCain are battling to perpetuate it while posturizing as conservatively trying to protect the average citizen.
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