Thursday, August 14, 2008

Obama Snubs Rangel At Convention

You reap what you sow. Charlie Rangel has certainly fought many a good fight and perhaps does not deserve to be remembered most for the stain of scandal regarding his use of rent stabilized apartments. He is one politico who has hardly gotten rich from his years in government. The scandal broke approximately a month after Rangel urged Hillary to step aside and abandon her quest for the nomination. Given the Clinton's history with extorting political payback against those who are disloyal, her increasing closeness to the Neocon's, and the Neocon presence at the NY Times, it is curious timing to say the least. Was this done to send a message to other Clinton supporters who were about to roll over to Barack? Of that we may never be sure. But if I have learned anything in this strange period of American history, there are far too many coincidences and people's career's taking nosedives at odd times (see, e.g, Eliot Spitzer). The Clinton's always get even with their list of enemies. Congressman Rangel, however, also ignored the wishes of his constitutents and did what was politically expedient for him by supporting Hillary Clinton. In fairness to him, she is a sitting U.S. Senator in his home state and was perceived to be the inevitable nominee. The Clintonista's were, however, a bit overzealous, especially in Harlem and Brooklyn during the Democratic primary where they suppressed voter turnout, undercounted Obama's votes and engaged in vote fraud. Charlie stood to be well positioned had Hillary wrestled away the nomination from Obama. To be well positioned necessitated Rangel and his minions, the local democratic party machine, preventing Hillary from being embarrassed with a very tight race in New York, which appeared likely given Obama's grassroots popularity. New York City was fertile ground to target significant pockets of his expected vote totals. After Hillary won the New York Primary, a closer examination revealed that Obama had "zero" votes in 80 heavily black precincts, including many in Harlem and Brooklyn. Mayor Bloomberg acknowledged the incredible unlikelihood of that occurring by stating "If you want to call it significant undercounting, I guess that's a euphemism for fraud." Citizens Union investigated the vote fraud and called for an investigation by then Governor Eliot Spitzer as did the NY Times, NY Daily News and many local bloggers. Under the foregoing circumstances one can forgive Obama, if he is not exactly feeling the love for Rangel. What Rangel must do so is to stop belly aching, get behind the grass roots of his party as his constitutents are more heavily Obama supporters anyway. This is true regardless of Hillary's endgame, the Clinton's refusal to get off the stage already and the incessant drumbeat of her loyal but somewhat fanatical supporters.

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