Friday, September 12, 2008

PALIN'S ABC INTERVIEW: Stumped on Bush Doctrine, Illustrates Limited Understanding of the World

This is why America is going to hell in a hand basket. John McCain (graduated 894/899 at Naval Academy) and Sarah Palin (5 colleges in 6 years to get B.A. in Journalism) would not get hired for junior level analyst positions by many of the CEO's of major corporation's who are backing the Republican Party's ticket based upon their lack of intellectual horsepower. How can we say education, enlightenment and intellectual preparedness are at all relevant in America when for two of the top jobs in this land, we do not have a higher academic standard? I watched Sarah Palin's interview with a couple of blue collar high school and community college graduates who knew the Bush Doctrine and its implications, yet the lady who would be first in line to be leader of the free world does not.

While Sarah Palin may be a pretty lady with an eclectic pedigree; as stated by the former Cindy Lou Hensley, “John has picked a reform-minded, hockey-mommin', basketball-shooting, moose-hunting, salmon-fishing, pistol-packing mother of five for vice president." Some of Governor Sarah Palin's constitutents, however, in Alaska from her small home town of Wasilla who know her quite well, folks like Ann Kilkenny question the character of Sarah Palin and the danger of Sarah being a heartbeat away from the Presidency. While Palin may win some popularity contests and ultimately might make a good head of the PTA, her limited interest and understanding of the complexities in the International arena and the challenges facing this country is frightening. At this critical juncture of American history, with America as a teetering empire, the NEOCON WAR MACHINE controlling the GOP offers us a 72 year old man with questions about his mental and physical health and a Stepford Wife. While McCain is Insane, the Neocon's hope that Americans are even more insane and that their Decoy shields Americans from focusing in earnest on some serious issues surrounding their Trojan Horse. Stop looking at the pretty face, the nice legs, ignore her obvious sex appeal and charm because if you listen carefully this pitbull's lipstick does not hide the ugly and dangerous agenda that she represents. Foolish men with an Oedipal Complex who are roped in by their subconscious desire to "mate" with her, may want to think again: bend over, grab your ankles, because what she will give you is the Neocon Strap-On right up your proverbial ass (without lubrication).
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